Our services

Since the begining, APROCACI has commercialize cocoa produced by its members. Also it keeps them informed about the efforts of the Directive Committee .

Technical Assistance

We got technicians provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and constantly monitored, advise members and friends producers, to achieve the quality standards required by the market.


APROCACI program all year long, courses, lectures and field trips aimed at the members and managers of farms, to update them with the latest developments and important issues relating to this sub-sector.


We have for ours members our nurseries to achieve the production of high quality and selected plants and graft programs. Other Services in addition to the fermentation center, we are constantly developping projects which offers to our members and friend alternative for production.

Fermentation Box

It is used to produce Organic Cocoa Hispaniola and / or conventional cocoa. Available for associates who need ferment their production.


Used to dry in the sun Cocoa beans. Built with a technology that no matter weather is cloudy, rainy or sunny, the product is still drying. This is another facilities associated have. Average drying time is from 3-5 days.

Idustrial Ovens

It is used to accelerate the drying process of cocoa beans, resulting dry in a few hours, whereas with conventional drying the time is from 3 to 5 days.